2 positions available in cancer biology and epigenetics

Two Postdoctoral Researcher/ Engineer positions are available in the IGMM teams of Daniel Fisher and Robert Feil, to work on chromatin in the context of acquisition of cell identity during cell proliferation. One position will focus specifically on functions of the antigen Ki-67. Ki-67 is a nuclear protein expressed only in proliferating cells and is a widely used biomarker in cancer, although its molecular functions are poorly understood. We reported that Ki-67 is not required for cell proliferation but is involved in organising heterochromatin in all cell types studied. In this grant-funded collaborative project, we will characterise these new functions using the latest genomics and microscopy techniques. Linked to this first theme, a second grant-funded project is focused on the epigenetic control of genomic imprinting.


Both positions are available for 2-3 years. Candidates with experience in live microscopy or molecular analysis of chromatin functions, or in bio-informatics, are especially encouraged to apply. The projects make use of state-of-the-art research facilities and techniques (proteomics, microscopy, genomics, etc), and successful applicants will receive training in these areas.


For both positions, fluency in English and experience with cell culture and cell or molecular biology are essential. A minimum requirement for a postdoctoral position is a PhD, and the candidate for such a position should either have at least one first author paper submitted to a peer-reviewed journal or published in an online archive. Exceptional candidates could additionally be assisted in obtaining a tenured research scientist position after completion of the postdoc. Starting dates will be in the first half of 2019.


Please send an informal enquiry and CV to daniel.fisher@igmm.cnrs.fr and robert.feil@igmm.cnrs.fr


The IGMM is located on the CNRS campus in the exceptional scientific environment of Montpellier, a beautiful and dynamic city in the South of France.


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