2 year ERC-funded Engineer position


Mounia Lagha, head of the ‘Transcription and Development’ team (laghalab), is seeking a highly motivat-ed Engineer.

The candidate will be primarily responsible for generating various constructs to create transgenic fly lines. Functional characterization of these lines (genetics, imaging) will be possible, depending on the candidate motivations.


Prior experience in imaging, Drosophila genetics, molecular biology and/or image analysis are extremely valuable, but not mandatory. The ideal candidate should feel comfortable working in an interdisciplinary and international environment. The successful candidate will collaborate with other team members. The candidate is expected to communicate the scientific results by writing up scientific reports.


2 year ERC-funded position with possible extension.

If you are interested, please contact Mounia Lagha (mounia.lagha@igmm.cnrs.fr) with your CV and up to 3 recommendation contacts.


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