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Bacevic, K., Lossaint, G., Fisher, D. and Dulic, V. (2017).DNA damage restrains CDK2 activity to delay S-M progression and promote cell cycle exit Sci Rep . In press :

Bacevic, K., Noble, R., Soffar, A., Ammar, O. W., Boszonyik, B., Prieto, S., Vincent, C., Hochberg, M. E., Krasinska, L. and Fisher, D. (2017).Spatial competition constrains resistance to targeted cancer therapy Nature Communications . in press :

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Mamede, J. I., Damond, F., Bernardo, A., Matheron, S., Descamps, D., Battini, J. L., Sitbon, M. and Courgnaud, V. (2017).Cyclophilins and nucleoporins are required for infection mediated by capsids from circulating HIV-2 primary isolates Sci Rep . 7 : 45214

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Wang, J., Mauvoisin, D., Martin, E., Atger, F., Galindo, A. N., Dayon, L., Sizzano, F., Palini, A., Kussmann, M., Waridel, P., Quadroni, M., Dulic, V., Naef, F. and Gachon, F. (2017).Nuclear Proteomics Uncovers Diurnal Regulatory Landscapes in Mouse Liver Cell Metab . 25 : 102-117

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