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Industrial Partnerships

Even though fundamental research is IGMM major aim, the institute has always had strong relationships with industry through continuing education for certain companies, patenting and licensing of its discoveries, regular research contracts, scientific consulting by some of its members, various partnerships and hosting of staff members of private companies. Moreover, the intellectual property generated by groups of IGMM led to the creation of 3 start-ups in the past 5 years:

- The Splicos company ( was created in 2008 on the basis of the work of the Tazi group on alternative RNA splicing and the identification of a number of pharmacological inhibitors of this process, with the help of an investor (Truffle Capital) exploiting contractually discoveries made at CNRS. This was followed in 2009 by the creation of a collaborative CNRS/Splicos laboratory (Splicos Therapeutics; hosted at IGMM. Its aim is to identify leads that may interfere with splicing in various pathological situations. Part of the collaborative work between IGMM and Splicos has gained support by OSEO-ISI grant from Bpifrance (the French National Agency for Innovation). Splicos has recently merged with 3 other companies to form the Abivax company (, whose main aim is to commercialize novel antivirals and therapeutics vaccines.

- The Metafora Biosystems company ( was created in 2011 on the basis of the work of the Sitbon group showing that the receptor binding domains of viral envelope glycoproteins could permit the establishment of multiplex metabolic signatures and, thereby, the development of new diagnosis procedures with widespread applications.

- The Prestizia company was created in 2011 on the basis of intellectual property generated by Charles Lecellier (Bertrand group) and Valérie Courgnaud (Sitbon group) resulting from a collaborative work on the relationship between HIV subtypes and cellular miRNAs, owing to the same investor as for Splicos. This company was later acquired by the diagnosis company Theradiag (, which allowed us to develop a strong partnership with a new economic partner. For example, this collaboration now involves the group of Michael Hahne to find new biomarkers for rheumatoid arthritis.

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