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Prestizia, microRNA platform of Theradiag Company specialized in IVD and theranostics

Theradiag innovates through its affiliate Prestizia by developing molecular biology tools for patient diagnosis and monitoring based on microRNA signatures. Therefore, Theradiag participates in the development of “personalized medicine” by favoring the individualization of treatments.

Several projects are developed in close relationship with the Institute of Molecular Genetics of Montpellier along with the scientific support of the researchers :

In the field of HIV, Theradiag is developping diagnostics tools using microRNA or lncRNA signatures for the virus tropism identification in infected patients. These projects are conducted in collaboration with Dr Charles Lecellier, PhD. The company also pursues a development program of companion tests in collaboration with the CNRS and the company SPLICOS/ABIVAX for the individualization of treatments for HIV/AIDS and metabolic disorders/obesity.

Furthermore, our microRNA platform is also involved in a research program based on the selection of microRNA markers to, first, increase the performances of diagnostics tests for rheumatoid arthritis and, second, to help analyze the activity and the severity parameters of the disease and, more importantly, to anticipate the response to biotherapies. This program is conducted with the scientific expertise of Dr Michael Hahne, PhD.

Prestizia team

Michel Finance, Chairman and CEO of Theradiag
Odile PRIGNEAU, PhD - General Manager of Prestizia
Guillaume VETTER, PhD - Head of Laboratory
Sophie BONNEL - Project Leader
Marjorie MONLEAU, PhD - Project Leader
Laurent TOSOLINI - Technician
Gilles VIEIRA, PhD - Biostatistician

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