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A collaboration between the CNRS, UM2 and PRESTIZIA Cie was mounted to promote the competences and expertise of IGMM in the field of viral tropism, in particular for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

The work, supervised by Valérie COURGNAUD and Charles LECELLIER, is aimed at developing novel diagnostic strategies for viral infections and other human malignancies based on microRNA expression.

The ultimate goal of the laboratory is to create innovative detection tools based on the identification of specific microRNAs.

Contacts :
Dominique Blanchard, Dr ès-sciences, DG Prestizia
Charles Lecellier, IGMM
Valérie Courgnaud, IGMM

Membres du laboratoire :

Dominique DG Prestizia Prestizia
Charles Chercheur CR1 CNRS
Valérie Chercheur CR1 CNRS
Marjorie Ingénieur en Biologie, IR CNRS
Sophie Ingénieur en Techniques Biologiques, IE CNRS

Institut de Génétique Moléculaire de Montpellier
CNRS-UMR 5535 - 1919, Route de Mende - 34293 Montpellier  Cedex 5
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