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SERANAD Complex Biological Data Analysis Service

The Operational Head of the "Complex Biological Data Analysis Service" SERANAD is Thierry Gostan (CNRS IR). The scientific committee of SEARANAD includes Jean-Christophe Andrau, Charles Lecellier, Marc Piechaczyk and Marta Radman-Livaja.

SERANAD mission is to provide bioinformatics support to research projects of IGMM groups in varied domains (genomics, proteomics, imaging, databases generation, etc) and to develop software packages required by these programs.

SERANAD coordinates the acquisition by itself or by research teams of scientific softwares dedictated to the processing of biological data.

SERANAD also proposes internal trainings to personnel members of IGMM on various aspects of bioinformatics and simple and complex statistical analyses through practical exercises showing increasing difficulty.

SERANAD can provide help to IGMM teams by combining mathematics, statistics and programming to conduct the requested analyses and/or novel softwares. Part of its activity relies on a calculation cluster of 256 CPU with 8 nodes and 48Go of RAM, making the limits of the considered methods hardly discernable. Therefore, many developments by SERANAD are linked to the most recent high through-put technologies in genomics, proteomics and imaging.

SERANAD is in close interaction with the Route de Mende mutualized informatic service SI2C2.

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