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Administration and Accounting Service

The IGMM administration comprizes several services: the Direction Secretariat, the Management of Personnel and Human Ressources Service, the General Administration, the Accounting Service and the Coordination of Ressources. The Accounting Service manages all financial ressources of the institute.

All of these Services are placed under the responsibility of the IGMM administrator, Patrick Berenguer (CNRS IR2). The Direction Secretary is Sarah Adèle (CNRS TCE) who is also responsible of the "Missions" activity. The person in charge of the management of personnel and human ressources is Françoise Couderc (CNRS AI). The Accounting Service includes Lysianne Amat (Coordinator; CNRS AI), Marion Le Grix de la Salle (CNRS TCN) and Véronique Paris (CNRS TCN).

Institut de Génétique Moléculaire de Montpellier
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