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Joint Computer Support Facility (SI3C2)

The 5 on-site INSB institutes (CEMIPAI, CRBM, IGMM, IRIM and BIOCAMPUS/PCEA) have set up a joint Computer Support Facility (SI3C2) to optimize their computer resources. The Head of the Service is Patrice Langlois (CNRS IR2, IGMM). Its members are: Danielle Avinens (IR1 CNRS, IGMM), Wenceslas Viel (TCN CNRS, CRBM), Patrick Vergé (AI UM, IGMM) et Stephen Lemarquis (Contract worker).

The service manages the information system for more than 500 staff members.

Its main missions are:
- the definition and the development of the security policy of the information system,
- the administration of the CEMIPAI, CRBM, IGMM, IRIM and PCEA buildings informatics network infrastructures.
- the implementation and the administration of information systems (intranet, e-mail, webmail, data backups, computer cluster, data bases, desktop and laptop computers, servers, organizing software and data processing workstations) (Approximately 1000 working stations)
- the management of the informatics working stations (approximately 1000) and help to users (installation and configuration of working stations with bureautic softwares as well as printers and photocopiers) and
- the implementation and the administration of IT resources of scientific platforms.

The SI3C2 neither intervenes on private computers nor trains or advices users on softwares such as Office suite, Endnote, Photoshop, etc.

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