Animal Facility

Within the Montpellier Network of Animal facilities (RAM) IGMM hosts two mouse animal facilities affiliated to the BioCampus UMS.

One of the animal facilities is the central RAM mouse bredding facility. It provides a SOPF (Specific and Opportunistic Pathogen-Free) animal care service and strict veterinary supervision. The other one is a mouse facility principally dedicated to the research programs of the “Route de Mende” CNRS campus staff members.

This service promotes and ensures animal care and animal welfare principles, provides technical assistance for the scientific research community of the IGMM and RAM, ensures supervision and training of animal users and enforces french and european standards and guidelines on both sanitary and ethic standpoints.

IGMM also hosts a service of targeted recombination and isolation of ES cells and a service performing the decontamination and cryopreservation of mouse lines (freezing sperm and embryos).