Epigenetics & Chromosomal Topology in Differenciation & Disease

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Epigenetics & Chromosomal Topology in Differenciation & Disease December 14th-15th 2017 Amphi Genopolys

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Organisers : Eric Soler and Jean-Christophe Andrau

Our perception of gene regulation and chromatin organization has strongly evolved during the last years. Thanks to the development of high-throughput sequencing, new concepts appeared to explain how epigenetic processes regulate gene expression and how chromosomal domains impose additional constraints to expression for example by modulating enhancer-promoter interactions. Recent characterization of these topological domains and their dynamic during development and differentiation also shed light on new exciting discoveries. Importantly, perturbation of regulatory networks and genomic architecture were shown to be involved in many diseases, including cancer. This symposium, to be held in Montpellier at Genopolys the 14 and 15th of December, will introduce recent advances at the forehead in the field of Epigenetics and genome organization.