PhDs and Postdocs Association

The PhD students and Post-docs of IGMM created an association in 2014 (PPDA, PhD and Post-Doc Association) to favor the exchanges between us and with the other members of IGMM through scientific and social activities, in order to create a group sharing same interests and needs and to have our voice heard in IGMM.


We organized a 1-day colloquium that was organized at the Aquarium of Montpellier (December 2014) and, since 2015, every month/2 months a career seminar is organized. It is a very informal meeting where we have the chance to discuss every aspects of the science life with notable invited speakers (e.g. Jennifer Doudna, Sir Paul Nurse, Margaret Buckingham, David Gilbert, Andrea Musacchio, Josh Brickman, etc…).

We also have the chance to express our needs and ideas thanks to one PhD and one post-doc who are representing us at the IGMM laboratory council (CLAB).

We try to galvanize the IGMM social life to facilitate our interactions to obtain more fruitful research and good integration of new comers with bimonthly coffee breaks, annual events (King’s cake, Summer lunch…) and leisure activities in the campus (such as volley-ball matches) and outside (such as laser game, bowling…).