Cell polarity and actin mRNA localization

Lavoie, B.; Basyuk, E.; Bordonne, R.; Bertrand, E.

M S-Medecine Sciences

2004-05 / vol 20 / pages 539-543


In many species, intracellular mRNA localization is linked to cell polarity. In many cases however, mRNAs become localized as a result of a pre-existing cell-polarity, and they do not modify it. Remarkably, in the case beta actin mRNA in vertebrate, it has been shown that the transport and localization of this RNA is required for the establishment and maintenance of cell polarity. This occurs in fibroblasts, but, very interestingly, in immature neurons as well. This review will describe the functions and mechanisms of actin mRNA localization.



intracellular-localization; translation; neurons; binding protein; fibroblasts; growth cones; in-situ hybridization; microfilaments; motility; oligodendrocytes

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