Cohesin organizes chromatin loops at DNA replication factories

Guillou, E.; Ibarra, A.; Coulon, V.; Casado-Vela, J.; Rico, D.; Casal, I.; Schwob, E.; Losada, A.; Mendez, J.

Genes Dev

2010-12-15 / vol 24 / pages 2812-22


Genomic DNA is packed in chromatin fibers organized in higher-order structures within the interphase nucleus. One level of organization involves the formation of chromatin loops that may provide a favorable environment to processes such as DNA replication, transcription, and repair. However, little is known about the mechanistic basis of this structuration. Here we demonstrate that cohesin participates in the spatial organization of DNA replication factories in human cells. Cohesin is enriched at replication origins and interacts with prereplication complex proteins. Down-regulation of cohesin slows down S-phase progression by limiting the number of active origins and increasing the length of chromatin loops that correspond with replicon units. These results give a new dimension to the role of cohesin in the architectural organization of interphase chromatin, by showing its participation in DNA replication.

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24/24/2812 [pii] 10.1101/gad.608210

1549-5477 (Electronic) 0890-9369 (Linking)


Humans; *DNA Replication; Cell Line; Chromatin/*chemistry; S Phase; *DNA Packaging; Cell Cycle Proteins/analysis/*physiology; Chromosomal Proteins, Non-Histone/analysis/*physiology; Interphase; Replication Origin

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