Detection and quantification of apoptosis in transiently transfected adherent cells

Lassus, P.; Hibner, U.

Nucleic Acids Res

1998-11-15 / vol 26 / pages 5233-4


Apoptosis is a highly conserved form of cell death present in all eukaryotic cell types and controlled by multiple genes. Several methods have been developed to quantify apoptosis, but none is adapted for all cell types. It is particularly difficult to reliably assay apoptosis of adherent cells. We describe a new, rapid and reliable flow cytometric method which can be used for quantifiying apoptosis in a sub-population of transiently transfected adherent cells. This technique is based on the detection of transfected cells and the apoptotic sub-population by immunofluorescence and Annexin-V labelling, respectively.

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Humans; Animals; Mice; Cell Line; Fluorescent Antibody Technique; Rats; Transfection; Cell Adhesion; *Apoptosis/genetics; Annexin A5/metabolism; Antigens, CD2/genetics/metabolism; Flow Cytometry/*methods; Genes, bcl-2; Genes, p53

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