Ebola virus vaccine: benefit and risks of adenovirus-based vectors

Mennechet, F. J.; Tran, T. T.; Eichholz, K.; van de Perre, P.; Kremer, E. J.

Expert Rev Vaccines

2015-09-01 / pages 1-8


In 2014, an outbreak of Ebola virus spread rapidly in West Africa. The epidemic killed more than 10,000 people and resulted in transmissions outside the endemic countries. WHO hopes for effective vaccines by the end of 2015. Numerous vaccine candidates have been proposed, and several are currently being evaluated in humans. Among the vaccine candidates are vectors derived from adenovirus (Ad). Despite previous encouraging preclinical and Phase I/II trials, Ad vectors used in three Phase II trials targeting HIV were prematurely interrupted because of the lack of demonstrated efficacy. The vaccine was not only ineffective but also led to a higher rate of HIV acquisition. In this context, the authors discuss the potential benefits, risks and impact of using Ad-derived vaccines to control Ebola virus disease.

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