[Emerging key role of cell cycle regulators in cell metabolism]

Lagarrigue, S.; Blanchet, E.; Annicotte, J. S.; Fajas, L.

Med Sci (Paris)

2011-05 / vol 27 / pages 508-13


The role of cell cycle regulators in the control of cell proliferation has been extensively studied, but independently of these functions in cell proliferation, it now appears that these proteins are also key to the adapted metabolic response of the cells. This has some logic since cell cycle is linked to metabolic control. This review focusses on the involvment of cyclins, cyclin dependent kinases or E2F factor in the control of adipogenesis, glucidic homeostasis, and energy consumption. Murine models in which genes encoding these regulators have been invalidated have been key to unravel these novel functions of cell cycle regulators in cell metabolism. Furthermore, these findings may also have some relevance for metabolic disorders such as obesity or diabetes.

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10.1051/medsci/2011275016 medsci2011275p508 [pii]

0767-0974 (Print) 0767-0974 (Linking)

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