HIV-1 co-infection prevalence in two cohorts of earlv HIV-1 seroconverters in France

Courgnaud, V.; Seng, R.; Becquart, P.; Boulahtouf, A.; Rouzioux, C.; Boufassa, F.; Deveau, C.; Van De Perre, P.; Meyer, L.; Foulongne, V.


2007-05-11 / vol 21 / pages 1055-1056


Despite anecdotal reports of HIV-1 co-infections and super-infections, few large-scale prevalence studies are available on multiple HIV-1 infection. We systematically searched for HIV-1 co-infections by means of a heteroduplex mobility assay in 660 HIV-1 seroconverters from the two ANRS SEROCO and PRIMO cohorts. Our results strongly suggest that HIV-1 co-infection remains a rare phenomenon in HIV-1 seroconverters infected in France between 1986 and 2004.



virus; primary infection; set-point; superinfection

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