Intra-nuclear RNA trafficking: insights from live cell imaging

Boulon, S.; Basyuk, E.; Blanchard, J. M.; Bertrand, E.; Verheggen, C.


2002-08 / vol 84 / pages 805-13


Despite recent advances, the mechanisms of RNA movements and targeting within the nucleus are still mysterious. While diffusion appears to play a crucial role in nuclear dynamics and RNA transport, some data argue for a model in which diffusion is controlled, at least in part, by the organization of the nucleus in well-defined compartments. Much of the recent progress is based on imaging technologies, and this review will first present them in some detail. We will then summarize studies that analyzed nuclear movements of both polyadenylated RNA and box C/D snoRNP. Indeed, this latter model has already brought a number of interesting results. We will finally present some of our original results on box C/D snoRNA transport.

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Humans; RNA-Binding Proteins/metabolism; Cell Nucleus/*metabolism; Hela Cells; Genes, Reporter; RNA/*metabolism; Recombinant Fusion Proteins/chemistry; Fluorescent Dyes/chemical synthesis/metabolism; Image Processing, Computer-Assisted/methods; Microscopy, Fluorescence/methods; Photobleaching; Spectrometry, Fluorescence/methods

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