Large scale and clinical grade purification of syndecan-1 plus malignant plasma cells

Sun, R. X.; Lu, Z. Y.; Wijdenes, J.; Brochier, J.; Hertog, C.; Rossi, J. F.; Klein, B.

Journal of Immunological Methods

1997-06-23 / vol 205 / pages 73-79


For cancer immunotherapy, it is usually necessary to obtain a large number of tumor cells from patients. We have previously reported that syndecan-1 is present only on malignant plasma cells in samples from patients with multiple myelomatosis. We report here that this antigen is cleaved by chymopapain. This makes it possible to develop a rapid and clinical grade procedure to purify large numbers of myeloma cells using anti-syndecan-1 mAb, magnetic beads and chymopapain. (C) 1997 Elsevier Science B.V.



apoptosis; expression; plasma cell; lymphocytes; bone-marrow transplantation; multiple myelomatosis; multiple-myeloma; peripheral-blood; progenitor cells; resistance; syndecan-1; therapy

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