Localisation of a reporter transcript by the c-myc 3 ‘-UTR is linked to translation

Dalgleish, G. D.; Veyrune, J. L.; Accornero, N.; Blanchard, J. M.; Hesketh, J. E.

Nucleic Acids Research

1999-11-15 / vol 27 / pages 4363-4368


The 3′-untranslated region of c-myc mRNA contains a perinuclear localisation signal which is sufficient to target beta-globin coding sequences. The link between perinuclear RNA localisation and translation has been investigated using cells transfected with chimeric gene constructs in which globin reporter sequences were linked to the c-myc 3′-untranslated region and the iron-responsive element from ferritin mRNA. Iron supplementation of the medium promoted translation of the chimeric mRNA as assessed by its presence in polysomes; in situ hybridisation showed that the mRNA was localised around the nucleus. Treatment with the iron chelator desferrioxamine for 16 h prevented both translation and mRNA localisation. In controls where the expressed mRNA lacked the iron-responsive element desferrioxamine had no effect upon localisation. In contrast, arrest of on-going global translation by puromycin treatment had no effect on mRNA localisation. The data suggest that if initiation of translation of a mRNA containing the c-myc localisation signal is prevented in some way then localisation does not occur, whereas once the mRNA has been localised further translation is not required to maintain mRNA localisation.



protein; intracellular-localization; elements; region; sequences; transport; actin messenger-rna; cytoplasm; cytoskeletal-bound polysomes; iron

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