MDM2: life without p53

Daujat, S.; Neel, H.; Piette, J.

Trends in Genetics

2001-08 / vol 17 / pages 459-464


The MDM2 protein suppresses the ability of p53 to inhibit cellular proliferation or to induce cell death. This property underlies the oncogenic potential of MDM2, which is overexpressed in various human tumours. However, MDM2 also has p53-independent activities, which we focus on here. Similar to other oncogenes, surveillance pathways might counteract the deleterious effects of deregulated MDM2 expression. These pathways need to be inactivated for MDM2 oncogenic activity, which targets p53 but also other proteins.



cancer; mice; in-vivo; protein; domain; cell-cycle; oncoprotein mdm2; p53-independent role; p73; tumor-suppressor p53

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