Monitoring retroviral RNA dimerization in vivo via hammerhead ribozyme cleavage

Pal, B. K.; Scherer, L.; Zelby, L.; Bertrand, E.; Rossi, J. J.

Journal of Virology

1998-10 / vol 72 / pages 8349-8353


We have used a strategy for colocalization of Psi (Psi)-tethered ribozymes and targets to demonstrate that Psi sequences are capable of specific interaction in the cytoplasm of both packaging and nonpackaging cells. These results indicate that current in vitro dimerization models may have in vivo counterparts. The methodology used may be applied to further genetic analyses on Psi domain interactions in vivo.



in-vitro; virus; packaging signal; region; encapsidation; genomic rna; moloney murine leukemia; momulv; nucleocapsid protein ncp10; viral-rna

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