Multiscale modelling of the magneto strictive behaviour of electrical steels – demagnetising surface effect and texture gradient

Daniel, L.; Hubert, O.; Billardon, R.

International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics

2004 / vol 19 / pages 293-297


The magnetostriction strain is very sensitive to crystallographic texture, even for quasi-isotropic materials. A multiscale approach has been proposed to model the phenomena, taking into account the usual cubic anisotropy at the grain scale, and the heterogeneous orientation of the grains at macro scale. Experimental and modelled data are in good agreement for uncoupled properties. It is shown that a specific demagnetising surface effect must be taken into account in the description of the anisotropy to improve the modelling of magnetostriction.



demagnetising surface effect; magnetostriction; multiscale modelling

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