Negative regulation of transcription by the type II arginine methyltransferase PRMT5

Fabbrizio, E.; El Messaoudi, S.; Polanowska, J.; Paul, C.; Cook, J. R.; Lee, J. H.; Negre, V.; Rousset, M.; Pestka, S.; Le Cam, A.; Sardet, C.

EMBO Reports

2002-07 / vol 3 / pages 641-645


We have identified previously a repressor element in the transcription start site region of the cyclin E1 promoter that periodically associates with an atypical, high molecular weight E2F complex, termed CERC. Purification of native CERC reveals the presence of the type II arginine methyltransferase PRMT5, which can mono- or symetrically dimethylate arginine residues in proteins. Chromatin immunoprecipitations (ChIPs) show that PRMT5 is associated specifically with the transcription start site region of the cyclin El promoter. ChIP analyses also show that this correlates with the presence on the same promoter region of arginine-methylated proteins including histone H4, an in vitro substrate of PRMT5. Consistent with its presence within the repressor complex, forced expression of PRMT5 negatively affects cyclin E1 promoter activity and cellular proliferation, effects that require its methyltransferase activity. These data provide the first direct experimental evidence that a type II arginine methylase is involved in the control of transcription and proliferation.



saccharomyces-cerevisiae; methylation; cell-cycle; kinase; histone h3; retinoblastoma protein; bipartite repressor element; deacetylase; e gene-expression; human homolog

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