Retinoblastoma protein transcriptional repression through histone deacetylation of a single nucleosome

Morrison, A. J.; Sardet, C.; Herrera, R. E.

Molecular and Cellular Biology

2002-02 / vol 22 / pages 856-865


The retinoblastoma protein, pRb, controls transcription through recruitment of histone deacetylase to particular E2F-responsive genes. We determined the acetylation level of individual nucleosomes present in the cyclin E promoter of RB+/+ and RB-/- mouse embryo fibroblasts. We also determined the effects of pRb on nucleosomal conformation by examining the thiol reactivity of histone H3 of individual nueleosomes. We found that pRb represses the cyclin E promoter through histone deacetylation of a single nucleosome, to which it and histone deacetylase 1 bind. In addition, the conformation of this nucleosome is modulated by pRb-directed histone deacetylase activity. Thus, the repressive role of pRb in cyclin E transcription and therefore cell cycle progression can be mapped to its control of the acetylation status and conformation of a single nucleosome.



acetylation; in-vivo; binding; c-fos; cell-cycle; e2f; active chromatin; chromatin structure; cyclin-e gene; ifn-beta promoter

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