The periodic down regulation of Cyclin E gene expression from exit of mitosis to end of G(1) is controlled by a deacetylase- and E2F-associated bipartite repressor element

Polanowska, J.; Fabbrizio, E.; Le Cam, L.; Trouche, D.; Emiliani, S.; Herrera, R.; Sardet, C.


2001-07-12 / vol 20 / pages 4115-27


The expression of cyclin E and that of a few other bona fide cell cycle regulatory genes periodically oscillates every cycle in proliferating cells. Although numerous experiments have documented the role of E2F sites and E2F activities in the control of these genes as cells exit from G(0) to move through the initial G(1)/S phase transition, almost nothing is known on the role of E2Fs during the subsequent cell cycles. Here we show that a variant E2F-site that is part of the Cyclin E Repressor Module (CERM) (Le Cam et al., 1999b) accounts for the periodic down regulation of the cyclin E promoter observed between the exit from mitosis until the mid/late G(1) phase in exponentially cycling cells. This cell cycle-dependent repression correlates with the periodic binding of an atypical G(1)-specific high molecular weight p107-E2F complex (Cyclin E Repressor Complex: CERC2) that differs in both size and DNA binding behaviors from known p107-E2F complexes. Notably, affinity purified CERC2 displays a TSA-sensitive histone deacetylase activity and, consistent with this, derepression of the cyclin E promoter by trichostatin A depends on the CERM element. Altogether, this shows that the cell cycle-dependent control of cyclin E promoter in cycling cells is embroiled in acetylation pathways via the CERM-like E2F element.

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Humans; Molecular Sequence Data; Promoter Regions (Genetics); Transcription Factors/metabolism; Histone Deacetylases/metabolism; Cell Cycle; *Cell Cycle Proteins; *Carrier Proteins; *DNA-Binding Proteins; *Down-Regulation; Chromatography, Affinity; Cyclin E/*genetics; Dna; E2F Transcription Factors; K562 Cells; Mitosis/*genetics; Repressor Proteins/isolation & purification/metabolism

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