Glassware, Sterilization, Solutions and Cell Culture (EMC2)

The Glassware, Sterilization, Solutions and Cell Culture EMC2 service has several missions.
  • EMC2 manages the daily flow of glassware. It collects the used glassware in each laboratory room and washes, sterilizes and redispatches it in the dedicated area of the institutes.
  • It keeps a freely available stock of various chemical solutions and culture media (liquid media and petri dishes) and can make more upon request.
  • It takes care of waste decontamination and elimination from tissue culture and bacteriology rooms.
  • It prepares and keeps available to scientists sterile material (eppendorf tubes, sterile tips, centrifuge tubes, etc …).
  • Lastly, it carries weekly tests for mycoplasma contamination of cell cultures for the whole Institute.

The Head of the Service EMC2 is Florence Rage (CRCN CNRS).