Joint Workshop, Infrastructure and Logistic Service (SALT)

Mutualized service of the BIOCENTRE Lunaret Montpellier (BIOLuM), BIOLum UAR5261 research support unit, created in October 2021, prefigures the future research federation composed of CRBM UMR5237, IGMM UMR5535, IRIM UMR9004 and CEMIPAI UAR3725 labs under joint supervision of CNRS and the University of Montpellier.

The interim head of the service is Jonathan Gross (TCS CNRS, IRIM). The members are : Lionel Béteille (TCS CNRS, IRIM), Simon Machecourt (TCE CNRS, CRBM), Cyril Montagna (TCS CNRS, IGMM) and Ludovic Troude (TCN CDD CNRS, BIOLuM UAR 5261).


The service provides maintenance and technical management of :

  • 14,000 m2 of buildings including
  • 3 L3 laboratories
  • 12 L2 laboratories
  • 55 research laboratories
  • 10 technological platforms

The service also follows up certain scientific equipments.

Contact :