IGMM / CRBM “yeast media and technologies”

It manages the organization of the production of yeast media and solutions.
  • It allows sharing tools that are useful for yeast research (plasmids, strains, etc).
  • It develops new yeast technologies.

The Head of the Service is Isabelle Goiffon (IECN CNRS).

The scientific officer is Dominique Helmlinger (CRBM).


Photomicrographs of growing fission yeast (S.
pombe), with the nucleus (blue) and the
septum (green) stained with fluorescent dyes.
Author : Dom Helmlinger (CRBM, CNRS)










Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast) Widefield microscopy (Zeiss Axioimager Z1)
63x Plan Apochromat 1.4 NA oil objective Tubulin (TUB1-mCherry, red), DNA  polymerase alpha (POL1-4GFP, green), Spindle Pole Bodies (Spc29-CFP, blue)
Courtesy: Etienne Schwob (IGMM, CNRS)