Joint Computer Support Facility (SI3C2)

The five on-site INSB institutes (CEMIPAI, CRBM, IGMM, IRIM and BIOCAMPUS/PCEA) have set up a Shared IT Service (SI3C2) to optimise their IT resources.

The head of the service is Patrice Langlois (IRHC-Administratif).). Its members are : KRASINSKI Nicolas – Deputy Manager (IE-Administrative), RIBIERE Guillaume – IT Asset Manager (AI-Administrative), VERGER Patrick – IT Asset Manager (AI-Administrative), QUENNEHEN Mathieu – IT Asset Manager (AI-Administrative).

The service provides the IT system for more than 500 people.

Its main missions are as follows :

  • the definition and development of the information system security policy,
  • administration of the building’s network infrastructure (CEMIPAI, CRBM, IGMM, IRIM, PCEA, MRI),
  • implementation and administration of the information system (mail, dns, web, webmail, file servers, network infrastructure, backups, calculation clusters, databases, data processing servers and workstations)
  • IT management and user support (installation, configuration of clients, software, printers, photocopiers)
  • implementation and administration of the IT resources of the platforms hosted in the four laboratories