Concours Posters « Jeunes Chercheurs » Journées GSO 2022

The Fondations ARC pour la Recherche sur le Cancer et Jean Paufique (Laboratoire Silab) awarded a prize of 800€ for the best presentations in the “Young Researchers” Poster Competition, during the  18èmes Journées GSO – Montpellier 2022 which were held from November 30 to December 2, 2022 in La Grande Motte, and which gathered nearly 390 participants.

From the 108 exhibited posters, 7 winners were selected, including 2 young PhD students from IGMM for the posters entitled :s :

  • Axis 1 Prize: HALLAL Rawan  “Targeting the SUMO pathway activates Natural Killer cells and enhances their anti-tumoral activity in Acute myeloid leukemia “
  • Axis 2 Prize : BOUCHOUIKA  Soumya “G-quadruplex regulators are potential molecular targets for cancer”

Congratulations to the winners!

Tous les lauréats, en compagnie du Pr Nadine HOUEDE, Directrice du Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest