Controlling the nucleosome by phosphorylation for DNA repair

Histone post-translational modifications control several fundamental processes on DNA, but very few phosphorylations are known. Here, Fisher, Krasinska and colleagues describe a new phosphorylation of Serine-57 of histone H3, on the globular core. They demonstrate its conservation from yeast to mammals, identify the DNA damage response kinase CHK1 as the major writer in human cells, and show that it loosens the nucleosome and regulates DNA repair.

The article was published in Nature communications on the 22nd August 2023.

Parisis, N., Dans, P.D., Jbara, M. et al. Histone H3 serine-57 is a CHK1 substrate whose phosphorylation affects DNA repair. Nat Commun 14, 5104 (2023).