Roche Continents 2023

Zoé Denis, a Ph.D. student in Karim Majzoub’s team at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of Montpellier, had the opportunity to be part of the Roche-Continents 2023 program, an innovative and inspiring cultural initiative organized by the renowned pharmaceutical company Roche. Focused on promoting art, science, culture, and creativity, this program aims to bring together young talents from European universities to embark on a unique journey exploring sources of inspiration at the intersection of art and science.
Carefully selected from numerous applications, 60 young artists, scientists, writers, musicians, and creators came together for an exclusive several-day event in Arles, in partnership and collaboration with LUMA Arles. For Zoé, the Roche-Continents 2023 program was a cultural experience that provided her with a platform to explore her creative potential, push the boundaries of artistic innovation, and form strong connections with a global community of like-minded artists and scientists.