Direct non transcriptional role of NF-Y in DNA replication

Benatti, P.; Belluti, S.; Miotto, B.; Neusiedler, J.; Dolfini, D.; Drac, M.; Basile, V.; Schwob, E.; Mantovani, R.; Blow, J. J.; Imbriano, C.

Biochim Biophys Acta

2016-04 / vol 1863 / pages 673-85


NF-Y is a heterotrimeric transcription factor, which plays a pioneer role in the transcriptional control of promoters containing the CCAAT-box, among which genes involved in cell cycle regulation, apoptosis and DNA damage response. The knock-down of the sequence-specific subunit NF-YA triggers defects in S-phase progression, which lead to apoptotic cell death. Here, we report that NF-Y has a critical function in DNA replication progression, independent from its transcriptional activity. NF-YA colocalizes with early DNA replication factories, its depletion affects the loading of replisome proteins to DNA, among which Cdc45, and delays the passage from early to middle-late S phase. Molecular combing experiments are consistent with a role for NF-Y in the control of fork progression. Finally, we unambiguously demonstrate a direct non-transcriptional role of NF-Y in the overall efficiency of DNA replication, specifically in the DNA elongation process, using a Xenopus cell-free system. Our findings broaden the activity of NF-Y on a DNA metabolism other than transcription, supporting the existence of specific TFs required for proper and efficient DNA replication.

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10.1016/j.bbamcr.2015.12.019 S0167-4889(15)00440-1 [pii]

0006-3002 (Print) 0006-3002 (Linking)

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