Genomic imprinting in germ cells: imprints are under control

Arnaud, P.


2010-05-25 / vol 140 / pages 411-23


The cis-acting regulatory sequences of imprinted gene loci, called ICRs (Imprinting Control Regions), acquire specific imprint marks in germ cells, including DNA methylation. These epigenetic imprints ensure that imprinted genes are expressed exclusively from either the paternal or the maternal allele in offspring. The last years have witnessed a rapid increase in studies on how and when ICRs become marked by and subsequently maintain such epigenetic modifications. These novel findings are summarized in this review that focuses on the germline acquisition of DNA methylation imprints and particularly on the combined role of primary sequence specificity, chromatin configuration, non-histone proteins and transcriptional events.

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REP-10-0173 [pii] 10.1530/REP-10-0173

1741-7899 (Electronic) 1470-1626 (Linking)

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