Genomic organisation of 34 kb of the human immunoglobulin lambda locus (IGLV): restriction map and sequences of new V lambda III genes

Frippiat, J. P.; Lefranc, M. P.

Mol Immunol

1994-06 / vol 31 / pages 657-70


In order to improve our knowledge of the human immunoglobulin variable lambda locus (IGLV), we mapped one cosmid clone (designated as C40.2) isolated by screening a Colo320HSR genomic library. The 34 kb insert of the C40.2 clone was shown to contain six genes. One gene, IGLV2S1, belongs to the V lambda II subgroup. Four genes belong to the V lambda III subgroup. Two of them, IGLV3S1 and IGLV3S2, are potentially functional whereas the two others are pseudogenes. The size of the IGLV3S2 leader intron is four times longer than the classical intron size of 110 bp. The cosmid also contains a vestigial sequence lambda vg2. All these genes share the same orientation of transcription. Pulsed field gel electrophoresis analysis of the IGLV locus shows that most of the V lambda I subgroup genes are located at the 5′ end of the locus.

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Humans; Amino Acid Sequence; Molecular Sequence Data; Base Sequence; Transcription, Genetic; Sequence Homology, Amino Acid; Restriction Mapping; Sequence Analysis; Cosmids; Immunoglobulin lambda-Chains/*genetics; Electrophoresis, Gel, Pulsed-Field; Gene Rearrangement, T-Lymphocyte; Genes, Immunoglobulin/*genetics; Genome, Human; Immunoglobulin Variable Region/*genetics

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