Human gp130 transducer chain gene (IL6ST) is localized to chromosome band 5q11 and possesses a pseudogene on chromosome band 17p11

Rodriguez, C.; Grosgeorge, J.; Nguyen, V. C.; Gaudray, P.; Theillet, C.

Cytogenet Cell Genet

1995 / vol 70 / pages 64-7


Human gp130 (IL6ST) is one of the most widely used chains of the cytokine receptor family. Indeed, it is involved in signal transduction of interleukin-6, interleukin-11, leukemia inhibitory factor, oncostatin M, and ciliary neurotrophic factor. In a previous report, IL6ST was assigned to chromosomes 5 and 17. Here we specify the chromosomal sublocalization of IL6ST and show that the sequence detected on 17p11 corresponds, in fact, to a nontranscribed pseudogene, whereas the active gene is located at chromosome band 5q11.

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Humans; Molecular Sequence Data; Polymerase Chain Reaction; Polymorphism, Single-Stranded Conformational; Base Sequence; In Situ Hybridization, Fluorescence; *Antigens, CD; Cytokine Receptor gp130; *Chromosomes, Human, Pair 17; *Chromosomes, Human, Pair 5; Membrane Glycoproteins/*genetics; Pseudogenes/*genetics

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