Nucleosome positioning: how is it established, and why does it matter?

Radman-Livaja, M.; Rando, O. J.

Developmental biology

2010-03-15 / vol 339 / pages 258-66


Packaging of eukaryotic genomes into chromatin affects every process that occurs on DNA. The positioning of nucleosomes on underlying DNA plays a key role in the regulation of these processes, as the nucleosome occludes underlying DNA sequences. Here, we review the literature on mapping nucleosome positions in various organisms, and discuss how nucleosome positions are established, what effect nucleosome positioning has on control of gene expression, and touch on the correlations between chromatin packaging, sequence evolution, and the evolution of gene expression programs.

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1095-564X (Electronic) 0012-1606 (Linking)

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*Gene Expression Regulation; Chromatin Assembly and Disassembly; Chromatin/metabolism; Epigenesis, Genetic; Base Sequence; Evolution, Molecular; Transcription, Genetic; Nucleosomes/*metabolism; Genetic Variation; Genomics; Nuclear Proteins/genetics/metabolism

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