Predictive factors of response to biological disease modifying antirheumatic drugs: towards personalized medicine

Daien, C. I.; Morel, J.

Mediators Inflamm

2014 / vol 2014 / pages 386148


Many therapies are now available for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who have an inadequate response to methotrexate including tumor necrosis factor inhibitors, abatacept, tocilizumab, and rituximab. Clinical response to drugs varies widely between individuals. A part of this variability is due to the characteristics of the patient such as age, gender, concomitant therapies, body mass index, or smoking status. Clinical response also depends on disease characteristics including disease activity and severity and presence of autoantibodies. Genetic background, cytokine levels, and immune cell phenotypes could also influence biological therapy response. This review summarizes the impact of all those parameters on response to biological therapies.

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