Specific recognition of a tetrahedral phosphonamidate transition state analogue group by a recombinant antibody Fab fragment

Hua, T. D.; Lamaty, F.; Souriau, C.; RollandFulcrand, V.; Lazaro, R.; Viallefont, P.; Lefranc, M. P.; Weill, M.

Amino Acids

1996 / vol 10 / pages 167-172


In order to obtain antibodies able to catalyse a peptide synthesis, a naive combinatorial library of human Fab antibody fragments was screened with the phosphonamidate transition state analogue of the reaction. Several Fab fragments were able to bind the analogue. Competitive binding studies performed with molecules containing representative parts of the hapten showed that two Fabs were able to recognize specifically the tetrahedral phosphorus present in the hapten.



amino acids; combinatorial library; phosphonamidate; transition state

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