Sustained systemic delivery of monoclonal antibodies by genetically modified skin fibroblasts

Noel, D.; Pelegrin, M.; Brockly, F.; Lund, A. H.; Piechaczyk, M.

J Invest Dermatol

2000-10 / vol 115 / pages 740-5


In vivo production and systemic delivery of therapeutic antibodies by engineered cells might advantageously replace injection of purified antibodies for treating a variety of life-threatening diseases, including cancer, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and autoimmune diseases. We report here that skin fibroblasts retrovirally transduced to express immunoglobulin genes can be used for sustained long-term systemic delivery of cloned antibodies in immunocompetent mice. Importantly, no anti- idiotypic response against the ectopically expressed model antibody used in this study was observed. This supports the notion that skin fibroblasts can potentially be used in antibody-based gene/cell therapy protocols without inducing any adverse immune response in treated individuals.

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Humans; Animals; Disease Models, Animal; Antibodies, Monoclonal/*genetics/*therapeutic use; Antibody Formation/genetics; Fibroblasts/*immunology; Gene Therapy; Immunocompetence; Mice/*immunology; Skin/*cytology

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