Corrective GUSB transfer to the canine mucopolysaccharidosis VII brain

Cubizolle, A.; Serratrice, N.; Skander, N.; Colle, M. A.; Ibanes, S.; Gennetier, A.; Bayo-Puxan, N.; Mazouni, K.; Mennechet, F.; Joussemet, B.; Cherel, Y.; Lajat, Y.; Vite, C.; Bernex, F.; Kalatzis, V.; Haskins, M. E.; Kremer, E. J.

Mol Ther

2014-04 / vol 22 / pages 762-73


Severe deficiency in lysosomal beta-glucuronidase (beta-glu) enzymatic activity results in mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) VII, an orphan disease with symptoms often appearing in early childhood. Symptoms are variable, but many patients have multiple organ disorders including neurological defects. At the cellular level, deficiency in beta-glu activity leads to abnormal accumulation of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), and secondary accumulation of GM2 and GM3 gangliosides, which have been linked to neuroinflammation. There have been encouraging gene transfer studies in the MPS VII mouse brain, but this is the first study attempting the correction of the >200-fold larger and challenging canine MPS VII brain. Here, the efficacy of a helper-dependent (HD) canine adenovirus (CAV-2) vector harboring a human GUSB expression cassette (HD-RIGIE) in the MPS VII dog brain was tested. Vector genomes, beta-glu activity, GAG content, lysosome morphology and neuropathology were analyzed and quantified. Our data demonstrated that CAV-2 vectors preferentially transduced neurons and axonal retrograde transport from the injection site to efferent regions was efficient. HD-RIGIE injections, associated with mild and transient immunosuppression, corrected neuropathology in injected and noninjected structures throughout the cerebrum. These data support the clinical evaluation of HD CAV-2 vectors to treat the neurological defects associated with MPS VII and possibly other neuropathic lysosomal storage diseases.

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10.1038/mt.2013.283 mt2013283 [pii]

1525-0024 (Electronic) 1525-0016 (Linking)


Humans; Animals; Mice; Disease Models, Animal; *Gene Transfer Techniques; *Genetic Therapy; beta-Glucosidase/administration & dosage/biosynthesis/*genetics; Brain/metabolism/pathology; Dogs; Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic; Glycosaminoglycans/metabolism; Mucopolysaccharidosis VII/*genetics/therapy/veterinary

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