Membrane Dynamics and Signaling of the Coxsackievirus and Adenovirus Receptor

Loustalot, F.; Kremer, E. J.; Salinas, S.

Int Rev Cell Mol Biol

2016 / vol 322 / pages 331-62


The coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor (CAR) belongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily and acts as a receptor for some adenovirus types and group B coxsackieviruses. Its role is best described in epithelia where CAR participates to tight junction integrity and maintenance. Recently, several studies aimed to characterize its potential interaction with intracellular signaling pathways and highlighted several features linking CAR to gene expression. In addition, the molecular mechanisms leading to CAR-specific membrane targeting via the secretory pathway in polarized cells and its internalization are starting to be unraveled. This chapter discusses the interaction between membrane dynamics, intracellular trafficking, and signaling of CAR.

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10.1016/bs.ircmb.2015.10.006 S1937-6448(15)00102-1 [pii]

1937-6448 (Print)

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